2024 review yelp

New Spirit is where you should go for a new apartment . . I needed a place fairly quickly . . saw a studio in a very nice building but it was too small . . Later in the afternoon Frank called and told me that there was an apartment that just had become available and I should go check it out immediately. Frank met me there . . Showed me the apartment . . I knew that I wanted it as soon as I saw how absolutely cool it was. Breezed through the process, application, etc. Frank kept in touch about the progress, met him at the landlords office . . Seemed as though there might’ve been a problem considering that I had two cats . . Frank went to bat for me and ended up getting the place. Frank certainly went the extra mile for me . . I did get very lucky meeting Frank and really appreciate all of his work . . A great guy! A total pro!
If you’re looking, go to New Spirit and see Frank!
Thanks Frank! Appreciate your professionalism and kindness!