Testimonials from New Spirit Realty Clients

Lyrica cheap price Andréa H
“I am beyond grateful to have met New Spirit Realty. Within the first few minutes of meeting with them, I could see that these guys were determined in finding me the most suitable and respectable studio within my price range.As a recent college grad and new resident to New York, I was very fresh to the whole real estate and broker system.Before meeting with New Spirit Realty, I had spoken with other brokers and emailed numerous agencies. Each of those contacts were only concerned about how much of a profit they were going to make out of me, or if I did not meet an application requirement, they simply never wrote me back and completely ignored me.

With New Spirit Realty, I worked with brokers who were more concerned about their client’s success then their own success.They understood my situation I was in and stayed in contact with me throughout the summer making sure that I knew I could trust them and I would soon have my own studio.

These guys are very honest and hard working.The minute I had finally saved enough to start rent, these guys found me the most beautiful studio ever and it was mine within a few hours of just viewing it.

Frank and Frank Jr. are both very professional and friendly real estate agents that I completely trust. I really admire their advice, time, and help they have given to me.

Not at one time did I ever feel pressured or lost during this whole process. I highly recommend this agency to anyone who is looking to purchase or rent in New York. These guys are very knowledgeable in real estate and know everything about each area in this state. Very, very happy with New Spirit Realty!! I wouldn’t of gotten my dream studio if it wasn’t for these guys!!”

http://nonprofit-success.com/fundraising/how-to-write-a-1000-email/?share=google-plus-1 Vito S
“Frank and son know their stuff when it comes to the bay ridge real estate market. Don’t waste your time with any one else. They’ve lived here for 40+ years. They helped my dad find a very affordable apt in Dyker a few years back on a tight budget….highly recommended!!!!”

Michael D
“A little over a year ago we sold our house of six years and I needed a place to live in a hurry. Frank and his son helped me find the place I’m in now and I have to say their dedication impressed me.”

Joe T
“I would like to express my gratitude for your wonderful review. We at New Spirit Realty take pride in finding people a home and helping them througout the whole process. It was great putting you on shore road. Looking forward to having you as our neighbor. : )”

Victor P
“I was very lucky to have found New Spirit Realty.They made the moving experience effortless and pain free.Other real estate offices were to difficult to deal with.I relocated to bay ridge from Virginia Beach .New Spirit Realty are relocation specialists.They did not only find me a home but helped with all facets of moving.They are a very resourceful operation They made sure my paperwork was complete. New Spirit helped arrange a early board meeting so I could return home to finish packing .They provided me with important contact numbers needed in the moving process. New Spirit Realty made the whole process of apt hunting both smooth and prompt,I would recommend them to anyone in need of real estate services.”

Agata K
“Frank is by far the most honest and responsive broker we have met so far. We told him what apartment we were looking for and what our budget was. He showed us different apartments (all within our price range) and took the time to show them twice. Frank follows your instructions precisely and will even try to lower the price if possible. He does not try to sell you something that is beyond your price range. This is quite rare among brokers.”

Marcin K S
“Those folks rock! They fight for the price, they won’t mind spending time with you and seeing the same place more than once. They keep you updated about new places and what’s most important, they help you stay within the budget. In my case they have negotiated a lower price with a landlord once the original rent was above my price range. As for the fees, they are asking for one month, not as other Realties around who want 10%, 15% or more of your yearly rent. If you look for a nice place in Bay Ridge area, I highly recommend to talk to those guys.”

Edward R
“When I purchased my co-op through this family owned realty they were very attentive and kept me in the loop throughout the entire process. I would recommend them highly to anybody.”

Caragh P
“New Spirit Realty was the best broker experiences I had in the Bay Ridge area. I would highly recommend them to anyone. They worked well within our budget, showed us three apartments as soon as we walked in and when we fell in love with one in particular, they helped us set up an interview with the management company that same afternoon. After getting the run around from other brokers in the area, it was so refreshing working with people who know how to get things done quick. It also felt great supporting a smaller family-run company. Next time I need to move, I’m going right back to them. They know how to treat their customers.”

Nt K.
“What a fantastic experience!! Tim from Safe Haven inspected a brownstone we were going to purchase. Not only was he on time, but professional, incredibly smart about old homes and just a general pleasure to work with. If you have any questions at all, he is wonderful about answering them and giving recommendations along the way. As this is the most major purchase we will ever make, I feel so secure in knowing that it was looked at so throughly. Highly recommended.”